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  • His Day, His Way (at least in theory)

    Posted on: June 18, 2017


    Is it just mine, or is every dad out there obsessed with BBQ-ing? My father, who I have yet to see, in my life to date, at the stove becomes King of the Grill the moment Spring has sprung. Chicken. Steak. Burgers and hotdogs. Ribs. Even the sides become his domain. I mean, have you had grilled vegetables? I am totally fine with summer, and the corn-on-the-cob never ending. I am not quite sure who loves it most- he of the manly apron and marinade mop or my mother, with this break from cooking allowing a pre-dinner rose' on the back patio. Since it's kinda the only time I see her with her feet up and a book, I'm going to guess it's her, but really, its too close to call.

    Seeing as today is his big day, I would have expected that he's want a break from manning the grill. Much like we think taking mom and her 4 kids under 6 out to brunch is her idea of celebrating Mother's Day. Turns out, nope. He is all about bellying up to the Weber, beer in hand and a tray of the sausage we would rather he didn't eat ready for the fire. After all, would we really deny him this simple pleasure? Today, of all days? I mean, "look at your mother, do you really think she would rather make something else?" Wow. Touche', Pop. Tou. Che.

    Sausage it is, I guess. BUT, you know what he isn't going to get to go his way? The whole no gifts, I have everything I need, save your money rule that surrounds the every celebration where gifts are, to everyone else in the world, traditional. It's not like I'm really the family's number one rule follower anyway.

    I don't think I can take seeing him in his bum around the backyard, its just gonna dirty with grease anyway, holes at the seams t-shirt annnnnd his Rolex one. more. evening. I know, dad, I get it, grill timing is not a joke and you need to know when to flip whatever those sausage casings encase. That's why, this year, we're going with casual. A watch for the days when there will be no tie, or even a shirt my mother would allow you to go on a charcoal run (because who the *h-e-double hockey stick* used the last of it... Two guesses, readers, though I'm pretty sure you won't need the second one).

    Enter the Victorinox Swiss Army.

    This I.N.O.X. (Impact Neutralizing Object for the X-tremes), celebrates Victorinox's 130th anniversary with panache.  Picture a watch of unimaginable solidity that has capability to withstand a fall from 3 stories, driven over repeatedly by a 64-ton tank and spending two hours at 194°(Fahrenheit) in a washing machine. If that doesn't say BBQ safe, I don't know what does.

    For the more formal dad, he who mows the lawn in old khakis... The perfect blend of elegance and function – that's one of many features you'll find in the Maverick Watch; a watch that does it all. Its quartz movement makes it a reliable daily companion. Its stainless steel case and triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal make it incredibly tough. But what stands out most is the way the Maverick remains so effortlessly elegant in every situation. Just like those who wear it... while BBQing.



    This Original is part of a special edition collection and was first introduced in 1989 and is an iconic timepiece with a classic, simple and direct design. 43mm. & what is dad, if NOT an original?!


    How are you spending your Sunday? Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there, (especially mine! xo) and a great big hug to all who aren't able to celebrate with their dads this weekend.

  • Spring Updating -A Bridal Event

    Posted on: March 11, 2017

    It's that time of the year, when Spring is juuuuuust around the corner. You can almost feel it. In fact, before today's snowfall (whaaaat? what?), you could even see it in the little shoots popping their green heads up out of the ground. I love this time of year, surprise snow aside, for its feeling of renewal. I love breaking open a brand new box of heavy duty trash bags and cleaning out the closets. The sense of accomplishment once the filled bags are dropped off at the recycling center and the Children's Home of Poughkeepsie and the Salvation Army is amazing. The additional room for more, say, ohhhh, I don't know, shoes,  makes me equally happy.

    Doesn't mean I didn't love all the sweaters and blouses and shoes in the bags I packed, it just means that I need a change. If I've outgrown it, no use hanging on to it. If my tastes have changed since I purchased it, might as well give someone else a chance to love it. If my budget has grown since I first acquired it, it's not a bad thing to upgrade.

    We upgrade our look every season. A new blouse here, sweet strappy sandals there. Tiny hoop earrings that go with everything, a pair of sparkly chandeliers that match only one dress, albeit perfectly. A warm fuzzy hat in that winter's hottest color, a pashmina that matches nothing but we have, to, have.

    Why not consider upgrading our most favorite 'accessory'? The one we wear day in, day out. The one I KNOW you don't take off when you do dishes, shower, garden, work out... even though you say you do. The one the second finger on your left hand looks naked without. The options to do so are endless...

    Stacks are, anstacksd always will be, hot Hot HOT. Adding a band, or two, will change up your look. Diamonds are always a good choice - half way around, eternity, or a pattern set into a design. Another idea, selecting a colored stone band. Sapphires all the way around would play off your center diamond perfectly. Or Rubies!


    Resetting your diamond is an obvious choice if you're looking for a halobig change in your look. A halo will not only add additional sparkle, but it can also be used to change the shape of your stone -a cushion halo will square off your round diamond. Another consideration  -a 3-stone look. A diamond on either side? Or two sapphires flanking your diamond?




    Upgra450-00728ding your very diamond itself is also possible. Perhaps you've always dreamed of an oval? Maybe you feel less like the 'princess' you did when you got engaged and are now more emerald-y? With your present diamond as consideration, a newer, dare I say it... larger stone may not be as out of reach as it once was.



    Thankfully, Zimmer Brothers Jewelry is of the same mindset. To help if the hub needs a little nudge; from March 23rd til the 1st of April, we're having special savings on all in-stock diamonds and in-stock settings as well as all in-stock diamond wedding bands.  It's such perfect timing,  IRS tax refund checks could be arriving any day now!


  • Valentine's Day, CHECK! - a guest posting

    Posted on: February 10, 2017

    Hey, it's me again, Average Joe, here to brag.

    Yup. I am about to boast, so hold on people. With days to spare, and a weekend ahead of us... I, regular ole' "I hate shopping" Joe have COMPLETED my once dreaded Valentine's Day gift getting mission! Take a moment to revel in this with me. No panic on Sunday afternoon, no hysteria after work on Monday, (or, let's be honest here, Tuesday), no mad dash to the shops while trying to be covert. Someone, anyone, please tell me why I have never done this before. In fact, I'm fairly certain that just sharing this lesson (finally) learned with my wife might even have been gift enough!

    It wasn't even difficult. I managed it all in one fell swoop. And swoop into Zimmer Brothers I did. The very first case held all that I needed to show my ladies that despite all my moaning and groaning, I do want them to feel especially loved on a day when we're supposed to spoil them. I was greeted by a lovely woman who could see it written all over my face and led me straight to Charles Krypell.

    Aptly named "A Love Story", their newest collection is perfect. Fashionable Sterling Silver* pieces that (it was explained to me) could be worn both day and evening. Yes, turns out that (some) jewelry have hours. I know, news to me as well.

    My favorite attribute of this jewelry - secret messages! Makes them that much more personal.

    My wife is going to FLIP over these hearts.


    And that's before she flips them over to discover the inscription on the back...



    Read it and weep, fellas, "Two hearts...waaaait for it... that beat as one". Yeah, I have so got the unspoken competition between a woman and her friends in the bag... or the iconic-ly silver and gold wrapped box, whatever the case may be.

    My daughters. Oh, my daughters. The very apples of my eye. They're just entering their dating years (God help me. For real, pray for me.) and what better way to remind them, and



    boy in their class, that I love them most of all than with this Hugs & Kisses necklace?

    hugsnkisses neck


    I believe the saleswoman was right when she said that this is something they'll both wear well into adulthood.

    Last, but never ever least. My mom. She was the first of the beautiful women in my life and since my dad's passing, the spoiling has now fallen to me.

    love heart


    Enter the Love Heart. Or, in my case, Love Heartssss. I ordered two, both of which are currently being engraved -each one with the name of her granddaughter. We used two different length chains so she can wear them both at once, layered. Yes, I am repeating what I was told, verbatim.

    There you go! Done, quick and painless. So painless in fact that I also decided on a little extra present for the Mrs..

    Plus, you know, mom got two.

    iloveyou ring


    This band is perfect for ensuring that I wasn't playing favorites. Plus. an excellent stand-in for when she doesn't want to wear her wedding rings. She won't feel 'naked' as she claims she does without them and the "I Love You" inside makes it extra special. I'm actually pretty excited to whip this out at dinner. A quiet and relaxing dinner. Adults only, no teenage chatter slash drama.  Just the two of us and a bottle of wine at her favorite restaurant.

    Who I have to call.


    To make reservations.

    Apparently, that is the only Valentine's Day prep Zimmer Brothers couldn't help me with. Not that I asked. I thought about it. But didn't. I probably should have.

    *Also available in 18K Yellow or Rose Gold.

  • The Dreaded VD - a guest posting

    Posted on: February 6, 2017

    Hi. I'm Average Joe

    You may recognize me from the supermarket. You've seen me at restaurants. I've been spotted at the mall, usually seated outside department stores, holding shopping bags I didn't fill at the checkout. We've sat across the aisle from one another on the train. We've sat in the same traffic. We've stood in line together at Samuel's Sweet Shop/The Crafted Kup/Dunkin' Donuts. I order it with milk and sugar.
    Ladies, I am your brother, son, boyfriend, husband, uncle, dad.
    Men, I am you.

    I can speak only for myself when I say that each year, I dread VD -Valentine's Day. I never know what to get any of the women in my life. Will a card suffice? Do I have to send flowers? Are we going to dinner? With everyone else in town? Does that mean I have to make reservations? Because I am NOT good at that kind of thing seeing at it involves advance planning, research AND making a phone call. Possibly two! Come on, I'm not a machine. And, the pressure is on. I can't turn around and not come face to face with red hearts, pink glitter and/or fluffy winged cupids. Anywhere. Someone at work has decorated her cubicle. For. Real.

    I have a week.

    One week.

    My wife doesn't even want anything. I know this because she told me so. She also told me that next Tuesday is "just a made up Hallmark holiday". In fact, she has made it a point to mention that to me every day since the calendar turned February. Thankfully, I have been married long enough to know what that means. She definitely wants me to remember the date and surprise her. I'm also fairly positive that going above and beyond my fellow husbands within our circle wouldn't hurt either. (Dudes. I'm sorry. But you KNOW how it is, every man for himself)

    Off to Zimmer Brothers I go. With two convenient locations, I am sure to find something perfect. Which means, within my budget AND jealousy-inducing. I don't even have to rush. I can be my last-minute self.  I won't though, not this year. But just knowing that I could be makes me a little less anxious. The stores in both Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck will be open Monday, February 13th!

  • SAG-AFTRA, the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, held their annual awards ceremony this weekend and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glued to the television for the whole of it. In comparison to earlier this month at the Golden Globes, the looks are decidedly more understated. Members nominate and then vote for their peers in several categories and the sense, at least from my vantage point on the couch, is one of solidarity between actors. They all love what they do, they look up to one another and because of that,  feel especially proud to be recognized by their peers. I think that's why this is one of my favorite shows, it feels far more intimate. Fashion however still plays a huge role in the evening. It may be on a smaller scale, but the dresses are still beeeyyyond and the jewels, while fewer, are still super sparkly.

    Check out Clea Duvall and her perfectly simple jewelry. This is a look we can all emulate, all day, any day.

    The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jan 2017


    A few layered necklaces, matching earrings and a single bracelet -simple glamour. I mean, HELLOOOOOO? I can very easily recreate this look with a little visit to the Charles Krypell case.

    Taylor Schilling's attire was  a far cry from her usual prison garb. Her Tasaki hardware, however, lent a cool, tough vibe to her otherwise ultra feminine look.

    The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jan 2017


    Sarah Paulson may have been going for minimal, but her diamond earrings and bracelet by Nirav Modi are anything but. That they match makes them a perfect compliment to that Vera Wang, which if I am being completely honest, makes me weak in the knees.


    That tailoring... weak




    Another actor rocking a suite look (see what I did there?), Amy Adams. Stunning as always, she topped off her sleek black Brandon Maxwell with a punch of Cartier.

    The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jan 2017

    I mean, just LOOK at this necklace...  Who wouldn't want all of the matching pieces?

    aa neck and earriing


    I'd bet that Rebecca Romijn's only fashion regret of the evening was that her neckline, while gorgeous, didn't allow for a sapphire necklace to compliment her other jewels.

    Rebecca Romijn

    I'm not sure which of Emily Blunt's jewelry I covet more, the ahhhhhmazing Lorraine Schwartz earrings and ring that PERFECTLY match her Cavalli Couture, oorrrrrr, that suite-y pie piece of arm jewelry, John Krasinski. I mean, have you seen 13 Hours?*

    The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jan 2017

    *Very much worth 144 minutes of anxiety for the 2 of him shirtless #justsaying #werenotintheofficeanymore

    Octavia Spencer may have been thumb's up'ing their well deserved win, but her earrings and matching ring get a double thumbs up from me. Yaaaaas.


    While suites were all the rage, venturing off trend is not necessarily a bad thing. Typically, when it comes to fashion, I don't like to play favorites. It's too hard to choose. That being said, you do know who is typically saved for last...

    So, if there were places, Tracee Ellis Ross is certainly vying for the title of BEST. If her fistfuls of diamonds at the Golden Globes didn't already put her in the running, the mere fact that she had an entire list of jewelers being represented on her person Sunday would have. Narcisa Pheres and Lydia Courteille, and L'Dezen, and Yvel Jewelry, oh my!

    TER earrings


    Tassel earrings? Yes.   Yes, yes, yes. Please annnnd thank you.

    And the rings?

    Oh my Gawwwd, the ringsssssss!

    ter rings


    Can this please become her signature pose at all events moving forward? Also, can I borrow that dress? and earrings? and allllllll those rings? Her commitment to the this trend is undeniable. #spiritfingers #spiritanimal

    As a postscript, I give you Mahershala Ali. #justbecause

    The 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 29 Jan 2017

    Talented, stylish and eloquent. Suuuuiiiiite!

  • Awards Season...  & I couldn't be more excited! Film meets fashion meets jewelry. A trifecta of my obsessions collide in a flurry of award shows and parties. The red carpet is as much of a predictor of the year's upcoming trends as it is simply a parade of all things fabulous. Judging from this past Sunday's Golden Globes, twenty seventeen is in for a world of glamour and, my favorite, excess. Seriously. What is more fun that just a little bit too much? Especially when the too much in question are diamonds, diamonds, diamonds?

    I look forward to taking page out of Golden Globe winner, Tracee Ellis Ross's book.  Her noteworthy evening began with fists-fulls of diamonds and ended with a statuette for her work as Rainbow Johnson on the show Black-ish. She left in her (fabulous) wake a longing for a ring on every finger and inspiration words befitting not just for the night, but the times;

    "This is for all the women, women of color, and colorful people whose stories, ideas, thoughts are not always considered worthy and valid and important. But I want you to know that I see you. We see you."


    We see you, Tracee. More importantly, we HEAR you.

    We see you too, Drew. This is definitely a trend we can support. It's not as if I don't strive to be like Ms. Barrymore in pretty much all things.  #ringsoneveryfinger


    You know what else we see? Pearls.

    Beautiful, classic, timeless pearls.

    Sienna Miller paired her subtly sexy Michael Kors sheath with a string of pearls.


    She also donned a few pearl bracelets and a couple of rings and though it sounds like it would fall into my new favorite category of  'a little too much', its not. The effect is effortless sophistication.




    Can we talk about Janelle Monae, please? The singer slash songwriter slash actress slash model can add another slash to her resume -modern trendsetter. She only wears black and white. Ever. Her minimalist nod to uniformed working class speaks to my soul. She always looks like I wish I did. Sunday evening was no exception. But, as fun as her red carpet Armani Privé polka dot creation was, as much as I 'neeeeed' her afterparty strapless striped jumpsuit, I am obsessed with her take on pearls.


    I mean, I KNOW she is dripping in diamonds. But, for once, I don't even care. I now long to add #pearlsinhairdontcare to an instagram shot of me rocking a similar version of the look above.

    Another image I took with me from my vantage point...

    at home,

    in my PJS and slippers,

    on the couch,

    with my prosecco,

    and cheese...

    was Wonder Woman. Yes, Wonder Woman.

    Wonder Women. As in moving speeches from powerful women who are an inspiration. That is first and foremost.  Oh, Meryl, I wasn't surprised either. None of your fans were.

    Wonder Women. As in statement bracelets. Is it just me, or will there always, always, be something wonderfully Lynda Carter about a giant cuff?

    Julia Louis-Dreyfus must be up for re-election as the Veep... of style.

    If she didn't already have my vote, her clutch strap doubling as an accessory of it's own would cinch it!

    Kristen Bell's Harry Winston bracelets were the second best accessory paired with her gorgeous Jenny Packman gown. The first, her padding. Not pictured here, as it was in the rear.



    Ruth Negga's Fred Leighton cuff couldn't be more Wonder Woman-esqe, unless, of course it possessed magic powers. Even her metallic Louis Vuitton sheath is reminiscent of our hero's bustier.


    Natalie Portman continues to portray Jackie Kennedy off screen, her Prada dress was what vintage fiends dream of and her 1910 diamond cuff from Tiffany plays against it as if it was cast for the role.


    Kristen Wiig, my own personal Wonder Woman of comedy, looked stunning in a white lace Reem Acra gown. The Chanel cuff was simply icing on the cake.



    The award for best arm candy of the evening goes to Blake Lively. & I'm not even talking about Ryan Reynolds, though his presence tipped the scales in her favor.

    blakeThere is a reason that Lorraine Schwartz is the Hollywood glitz industry's go to for jaw dropping jewelry. Rocking not one, but two of these makes Blake a wonder woman in her own right. & the dress... I'm speechless. #goals

    Every time Viola Davis is on the screen, I fall a little more in love with her. Her Golden moment was no exception. Her Wonder Woman-ness doesn't come from that ahhhmazing cuff, but it doesn't hurt the image.


    Nope. Not. One. Bit. #yesplease


  • Sinterklaas is coming to Rhinebeck

    Posted on: November 19, 2016


    He'll be here Saturday, December 3rd.

    & you're not going to want to miss it.

    Pop into the Zimmer Brothers Boutique to purchase your star, featuring this year's honored animal, the owl.


  • Believe it or not, the holiday season is, somehow, already upon us. Don't consider the weather, which has been lovely and delightful and about as "Christmassy" as it was last year. Don't consider the calendar either, because it may feel like we've still got time, but nope- it is RIGHT around the corner and the time to begin putting your lists: naughty, nice and wish, into action is NOW.

    In an effort to help get everyone prepared, we teamed up with Elizabeth Boutique and hosted a shopping event at Poughkeepsie's Mill House Brewing Company- WRAPPED UP. Dexter's Dog Boutique, sans Dexter, joined in the fun from Rhinebeck with their locally curated collection of gifts for Fido. The talented peeps from The Great Salon in Poughkeepie were on hand for a little pampering as well as gifting and the beautiful wares of Jay Teske Leather were available for purchase. Immediate photos from Ross Media were a special treat! Gifts for almost everyone on your list could be had and "wrapped up" as the name suggested. Nibbles and libations rounded out the perfect evening of catching up with friends and crossing a few items off shopping lists.

    Thank you for joining us, we're excited to hear how much the lucky recipients of the presents purchased loved their sparkly new treasures. If you missed it, don't fret, so many baubles await at either of our locations to get you as much credit as Santa himself usually gets.

  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

    Posted on: October 2, 2016


    The community has spoken, and the list is out... best place in whole wide Hudson Valley to buy your Wedding Bands???

    Yup, us. Pause for whooooo-ing.


    Zimmer Brothers is excited to celebrate with couples past and future! Thank you to all who voted for the 30th annual Hudson Valley Magazine's BEST OF list. That you appreciate how much we love being a part of such a special purchase means the world to us. Sitting down with couples about to walk down the aisle is so much more than selecting rings, its about the details leading up to the big day and forever being a part of the love story.


    A ring in its simplest form is a circle. It symbolizes wholeness, perfection and, forever. These perfect circles are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand based on the Greek belief that the artery from that finger flows directly back to the heart.

    image (10)

    We are honored to have been chosen time after time by our community as the go-to for such importance. Thank you. We look forward to celebrating on October 13th at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel. Don't forget to get your tickets before they sell out.



  • A Little Something for Myself

    Posted on: September 18, 2016



    Some of you may remember from last week's blog post, I am so sad that summer is (almost) over. I don't hate Fall, per se, I just really like the warmer season. This time of year, as the nights come early, I get a little wistful.

    Ok. Fine. A lot wistful.

    Typically, I just roll with it. By the time the leaves are ablaze with color, I'm mostly over myself and ready to enjoy some apple cider donuts and a pumpkin chai latte while wearing Uggs with yoga pants and my favorite flannel button down. This year, I plan to cut those blues off at the pass and buy myself a little sunshine to ease the blow of the season change.

    But what, exactly? The possibilities are, budget withstanding, endless.

    I mean, come on! I work in a jewelry store and am, obviously, s u r r o u n d e d  with gorgeous things that I want. I have to narrow down the list. First thing I can do to pare down my options is remove the necklaces and allllll the earrings I covet. This piece, I want to be able to see at all times, without the aid of the mirror. The whole point is to cheer myself up so I need to be able to look down and ta! da! instant happy!

    So, a bracelet. Or, a ring. Hmmmmmmm.

    This is far harder than I originally anticipated.

    A ring. That's the exact thing I want. Definitely, a ring.

    So, of course, I'll be getting a bracelet. Decision making is soooo not my thing.

    An everyday, special to me, bracelet. Sterling Silver. In my wasn't planning on buying anything budget.

    Ed. Levin.

    Back to endless possibilities. HELP!

    No, really. Help.

    Here are the four I managed to narrow the, literally, 100s of options down to.


    The Sterling Silver Wave. Such an obvious choice, right? It's a wave.

    ed-levin-rendezvousExcept that then I thought of this. The Rendezvous. That pearl, it is so very sun like.

    ed-levin-50thOr, this. The 50th Anniversary Signature bracelet. With a rose gold heart. Because, I truly adore summer.

    ed-levin-gem-eleganceGem Elegance.  Just because I love it. and it's fluidity is so very wave like.


    Seriously. THIS should be my biggest problem in life. Self selecting a gift for myself. But, in the spirit of fun, I am going to ask for help all the same. Which do YOU think I need to pull me from my Fall-induced funk?!

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