The American Gem Society (AGS) is a non-profit trade association of jewelers dedicated to setting, maintaining and promoting the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior through education, accreditation and gemological research.

Their main mission is to protect you, the consumer, when you buy jewelry.

Zimmer Brothers has been a member of the American Gem society since 1961.

Going Beyond Standards of Excellence

An AGS membership means that we go above and beyond what’s required of our industry to serve you at every step and to help you make the most informed buying decision possible.

Joining the AGS requires meeting its code of ethics and business practices. And in order to maintain our membership, Associates must take an annual recertification exam that requires them to stay current with gemological developments and jewelry trends. We adhere to these rigorous standards and ongoing education requirements so you can buy with confidence and trust.

Ethics and Responsibility in Everything We Do

From sustainable mining practices to honest and transparent pricing , we are committed to corporate responsibility and conducting business in an ethical and environmentally responsible way.

As an AGS retailer, we adhere to Human Rights and Environmental Considerations, as well as Federal Trade Commission recommendations and Bureau of Standards Definitions as they relate to the jewelry industry. We also place special emphasis on abiding by ethical diamond sourcing practices.