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Diamonds Do Good

The physical aspects of a natural diamond capture a small piece of the immense joy they bring into this world. The fifth C, Community, is the real story behind diamonds and their value. Along their journey from mine to finger, natural diamonds enrich the lives of those they touch. With commitment from the industry’s responsible and sustainable partners, diamonds help to bring economic growth, education, healthcare, infrastructure development, clean water, wildlife protection, and more to towns and cities across the globe. Commitment to community creates sustainable social and economic opportunities for everyone who comes in contact with diamonds along their journey to being cherished by you.



Diamond mining provides immense opportunities for people all over the world. The industry develops local communities by providing jobs, education, and healthcare.



Surat, India is one of the major diamond manufacturing centers in the world. Nine out of ten diamonds are cut and polished in India employing over 1 million people.



Diamonds Do Good celebrates the positive impact that diamonds have on communities around the world. Supported by companies in the natural diamond industry, DDG gives back to programs…

For 130 years, Zimmer Brothers Jewelers has valued its commitment to its community.

As a fifth-generation family-owned business, with a passion for aiding local families and preserving the region it has called home for over a century, Zimmer Brothers Jewelers has continually supported the Hudson Valley community. A Charter Member of the Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Jocelyn Zimmer, the jeweler’s president, is a recipient of the Chamber’s Next Generation Award, a recognition that nods to her and her family’s devotion to its customers and the greater community, for several generations.

With locations in both Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie, New York, Zimmer Brothers Jewelers is a member of the Rhinebeck Area Chamber of Commerce and the Arlington Business Improvement District, which actively works with other local businesses to promote the continued success of the historic Arlington business area. There is hardly a nonprofit in the area that has not benefitted from Zimmer Brothers’ donations of jewelry, time and financial contributions. Of note are organizations such as Family Services, The Center for Child Abuse Prevention and Miles of Hope to Hudson Valley Hospice, Dutchess County Historical Society and the Dutchess Land Conservancy.

In the same way the business has made an impact locally, Zimmer Brothers Jewelers’ first female president, Jocelyn Zimmer, has also expanded its philanthropic outreach to a global level through partnerships with organizations directly benefitting natural diamond and gemstone mining communities in East Africa.

With deep roots in the Hudson Valley, Zimmer Brothers Jewelers is passionate about enriching the lives of the people who live and work here and taking actionable and impactful steps to strengthen its community.

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